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some bodies was also discovering

Then these people start flooding in the rice country Ministry of National Defense authorities to ask rice country's the Ministry of National Defense to do the explanation of a reasonable to this video frequency.The rice country Ministry of National Defense of course not acknowledgement oneself sets out the Sa in the cold country the virtuous system have already been demolished the shot ruin Plantation shutters, otherwise this will be huge scandal, their president even may therefore come off stage.So they again and again emphasize that this video frequency is a computer creation but becomes of, inside of the contents isn't true, real of Sa the virtuous system is staying in the base of cold country star continent county.They say like this that being a Du can't certainly someone go to the cold country star continent county carries on on the spot looking into and no matter how it is, say and spend first at present this difficult situation says again.
    As for those this video frequencies in Yi are true movies the experts, also soon got the scathing warning from the White House.They have to change tone right away and say that this video frequency takes level very superb, the situation have already come to a to pass imitation for genuine article, so they would see walk an eye, and mean to the rice country movie technical progress delighted.Certainly, it is true to still have some to have the movie personnel of character the contents that didn't withdraw previous remark, insist this video frequency.
    Arouse in these professionals under, the rice country domestic starts becoming to split up, everyone respectively insists his/her own standpoint, just who can not also persuade own opponent.And at rice country domestic because this video frequency and at the time that one disordered, some bodies was also discovering this video frequency at the cold country reporter of rice country, wooden shutters blinds they seem discover big news in the sky similar, rapid forward this video frequency returned to country inside of video frequency, also ignored this video frequency to arrive local future reunion to cause what result.
    The rice country is a daytime, cold country domestic still before down, but the cold country still a part of night owls contains sleeping, they soon discovered this personal independence of conduct video frequency.Together the rice country angle of view is different, the cold country after finishing watching this video frequency don't doubt that this video frequency is false at all, and their concerning their navy's warships of their own nation more is how can sunk by a mysterious battleplane shot.And in that video frequency, navy's military officer of cold country incredibly timid as a mouse, afraid to die, face an associate is difficult, incredibly and alone escape, threw to the utmost the face of cold people.Troops like this how can rely on them to come to protect the safety of nation?
    Is cold country government the ax also discovered the existence of this video frequency right away, they adopt tough measure right away, delete this video frequency from the video frequency and isolated the outlet of cold National Freeway, this video frequency.Have to say, on the processing of this affair, the cold country is more more efficient than rice country.
    After, the process so many affairs Yan flies national to west those so-called news zises already from give up hope, basically have never hoped to depend on this video frequency's resulting in much negative effect for the rice country and the cold country.Under the strong dint control of these two nations, demolish to make this time of the dispute will definitely quickly keep on quelling.However by so doing, demolish of the name will be louder and clear and wait until to need to demolish gives out sound of time, his words would someone would like to listen to.
    Compare the reputation of realistic world, the Yan flies more ascend heart of is the reputation that demolishes in the dark top.After all in the underground influence, have a lot of take don't appear on stage noodles of affair, but the participant is again almost and all a presentable influence in the world, obtain here the larger words power flies to the Yan to say more important.However this process needs to be done it slowly, the one who wait until to one day demolish says a words, can influence the world revolves of time, so as to truely attain the purpose that the Yan flies.

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