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The all-plastic insert ones are better than the ones with the metal ones - I used one of the metal inserts ones and after a short while the insert just spun inside of the coupler, which made me have to replace it AND pry off the metal insert from the shaft, which was the most annoying part.
   Nikki Jo Hibbard
These are great.
   Nancy Olson
like it, not as well as keurig, but brews good coffee
   Iliesa Lacanivalu
happy with the product
   Dave Wolfe
I recently purchased this sheet for my grandson's new Graco PackNPlay.  It was delivered in excellent condition and quickly.  I took a chance purchasing this item as when I wrote to the company to see where it was made they never responded to me.  When I opened the packaged I was extremely disappointed to see that this product was not made in USA.  It says 100% cotton on the tag, but because it was made in China we will not be using it.  I have to give it a 5 star rating, because it does fit the mattress and it is 100% cotton as described.
   Habib Mahmoudi

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