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On one Mid-Autumn Festival, many guests came to my house. The adults were busy with the Mid-Autumn Festival. My little cousin and I could read books greedily! My little cousin and I lay on my bed and were watching "Ball Ball Old Mouse"! I watched it intently, and my little cousin also learned from me, looking at the Diary of Laughing Cat. After a while, Dad stepped into the bedroom, holding a moon cake in his hand, and said to us vaguely: "Child, it ��s time to eat moon cake!" The temptation of my little cousin's next move surprised me! I saw that the little cousin jumped out of the bed without hesitation Marlboro Lights, and ran towards the dining table at the speed of the shooting star. "Hey, hateful!" I whispered angrily. Dad seems to have a pair of tailwind ears, and immediately casts a vicious glance at me: "Don't go to eat moon cakes yet! Beware of confiscating your book!" "I'll go right away!" , But I am not reconciled! The place I am reading now is wonderful! Otherwise, take it out and watch? Correct! So, I came to the "enemy zone". Dad saw me coming, and the "black cloud" on his face disappeared immediately. While serving vegetables for me, she smiled and said, "Eat more!" "What should I do? How should so many people read books?" I muttered in a low voice. Suddenly, a slit in my thigh gave me inspiration. I can put the book between my two legs! I was pleasantly surprised by this. My mother seemed to think that the dishes she made moved me and filled me with food again. Now I do n��t have to take the initiative to find food! I started to practice the "battle plan" with a book in one hand and chopsticks in one hand Carton Of Cigarettes, and the happy expression on my face gradually grew! Sometimes when I need to turn pages, I stand up and put my hands behind to turn the book Marlboro Gold, making everyone think I am sorting my pants. In this way, I have gained more and more knowledge from the book, and I am all smiles! However, the food I eat is getting more and more bitter, and it is quite hard! I couldn't stand it anymore, and I looked up sharply, only to find that it was a book! At this time, the whole family laughed! Later, I realized that my little cousin saw through my identity and told the whole family that my cousin took a book and put it on my bowl, and I ate it casually ... Since then, my cousin saw When I get there I will say: "Hello! 'Book-eater'!" But I never step backwards, refuting: "Shakespeare once said: 'Books are nutritional products of the world'! I am enjoying the highest level Although I am a book eater, I am very happy because "reading a good book is talking to many noble people"! Only reading books can increase knowledge and sublimate the soul
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