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fila boots womens

Considered a pre-cursor to fila boots womens the downbeat and trip hop movement, Fila Brazillia have explored the relationship between organic instrumentation and electronic sensibility throughout the 90's arriving logically at Jump Leads . As pioneers of a post-punk northern England musicality, their journey has been defined simply by their musical insight rather than genre specification. Dub rhythms, house beats, drum n' bass syncopation, ambient chords, and funk arrangements have all found their way into Fila's sound without falling into the clichéd territory of  eclecticism'.

For 10 years, Cobby and fellow Fila Dave McSherry have been creating diverse, adventurous sounds. Spacious, chilled and always highly musical, their six albums for Pork Records put the tiny Hull, UK , label on the map by surprising and delighting heads and hearts around the globe. And they did this without interviews, press photos or advertising  no small fila cage feat in the pre-international  net-work days.

See, the thing is that Fila Brazillia remember that there have been many periods in history where pop music has managed to be both challenging and popular. It's their shared sense of hope, history and humour that inspired Fila to form fila chunky sneakers their own twentythree label to release album seven in 1999, and has carried them through to the creation of Jump Leads, due out early in 2002.

Same thing goes with Cobby and Fila's approach to DJ ing. Absorb their new Another Late Night mix CD  which moves beautifully through the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Mr. Scruff, the Beta Band, Brian Eno, Kelis and others  for a taste. Like me, Cobby has little time for singularly minded DJs. "Too often it's like,  We just want a load of jigsaw pieces that all fila classic fit together nicely. Give us the modular music,'" he sputters. "It's important for us to remember those tapes we did for our friends when we were growing up, that attitude, just that beautiful variety.

Real people at home have got collections with lots of different things, but DJ culture suggests that everybody should be a specialist. I just find that turgid. I want to be excited and surprised and mystified by a DJ !"Not only do I think that this is Fila Brazillia's best album, it is also one of the best albums that I have ever heard. I don't think there is a bad track on it and it is completely different to anything else you will listen to. It effortlessly blends electronica to other genres like folk, jazz and funk music. Like all of the best albums it takes a few listens to get the most out of it, but it is album that I still listen to regularly even though its a good 5 years old. Highly recommended.

Starting with the confident kick of "The Bugs Will Bite", the album offers example after fila destroyer example of intriguing musical craftsmanship. There's the unassailable mellow funk feel of "Airlock Homes", the ambient expedition that is Spore, some animated optimism on the cheeky "Swann Todd" and straight-up quirk on tracks like "Ridden Pony" and the slamming "Pigsblood and Chalk". Once again, Fila rise to the challenge of making new and original music with a recording packed with so many ideas and influences that it manages to stay fresh and lively from start to finish.The eclecticism and organic warmth of Fila Brazillia's electronica continue to amaze on Power [img] cage-867gal.jpg[/img] Clown , one of their finest efforts to date.

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