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I found one of these locally and so I know how it fits. I've got a 43 inch chest, 38 inch waste at belly button and 16" arms and the large fits me great.
   Travis Crosby
hubby loves these
   Patrice Hightower
I loved my chemex filters for that smooth cup of coffee until these i tried these hario filters! you def taste a lot more notes than the chemex cup, and i was delighted that a flavorful cup of coffee can still be not at all bitter!
i think i would still use chemex for a very dark french roast, but for medium-dark italian roast (which is like 80% of what i drink) this really lets you taste the coffee!
   Morena Trevisani
Good quality and fit
   Kali Jade
My husband loves it. The size is expected
The quality looks great as well. received item quick.. . Thank you!
   Hatim El Mensoury

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